John Mapley


Full-stack web developer, traveller, language learner

(that's me)

About Me

Originally from London, UK. In my teens I lived in Tokyo and learnt Japanese, and lived in Taipei and learnt Chinese - besides developing web applications and exploring new cities, language learning is pretty much my favourite thing to do. In my twenties so far I've completed a Computer Science degree at Bristol University, and I'm now heading a web startup providing performance benchmarking for the 33 London Borough Councils.

I've been making websites for over 10 years. I started off on the design side, but over the years I have progressed up the stack and now have the ability and experience to develop an entire web application from design/UX and client-side scripting through to server-side code, databases and server admin. I have a proven track record of delivering above and beyond the requirements in a timely manner.

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